According to NJ Dol guidelines they wrote this for question #7. Really?! The entire article reads like an Onion piece. So my old boss said that when he was finally able to claim his weekly benefits (this past Friday the 9th) he had to go in and do the weekly claim, week by week. They need a better system all I know is WE need our money and should not be treated like this… The system truly SUCKS!!!!! NOT TRUE!!! STOP PUBLISHING ERRONEOUS INSTRUCTIONS BECAUSE THOSE OF US THAT FOLLOWED THIS QUESTION #7 ARE CONSIDERED ERRORS BECAUSE #7 WAS CHANGED 4 WEEKS SO ANYBODY WHO FILED BEFORE 4 WEEKS AGO IS SCREWED!!! Had it would’ve been them or someone in their household. dont see a clear answer to this question unlike the other 6 questions Saw your post last week and decided to give it a try since out of desperation I was calling on sundays and mondays to claim instead of my specific day and although I was able to answer the questions I couldn’t get through to anyone. on the set of the NJ weekly certification questions. The $600 comes from the Federal Government (the regular payment comes from the state) so I will eventually get that as well retroactive to the same time as my PUA claim. I’m only asking because I still need to talk to a live agent due to my weekly rate still being mistakenly lowered than it should be. This is sad, and the ppl the have running the show is bumbling the job. and speak to no one. There was an error in my claim in June and since then my claim has been being “escalated” after I was approved back in June. MAKE SURE ALL OF YOU SAVE A COPY OF THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS TO SHOW WE ANSWERED #7 CORRECTLY, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CHANGED IT. It’s a good thing I called. It told me I was able to claim benefits today. I’ve been scouring thru search results looking for anything related to my problem and only found your comment. Then I was on hold for 20min. By Phone - Certify for Benefits & Get Information. Is this scenario similar to yours when coming across that same message? You will receive credit for claiming Idk, sorry fur the long comment. If you are waiting to be recalled to your present job, or delaying your job search until this natural emergency ends or subsides, you should answer YES. It is also available on the Department’s  website. this past friday 5/9, he was able to go on at the alloted time. Hey can you let me know how things worked out for you still waiting for mine. If you’re in the same situation as me, after filling, an automated message will come up saying pretty much that you’re unable to successfully file at this time and you need to talk to a rep. They’re saying have patience. It’s ridiculous!!! I have emailed and all I got was auto generated response that did not even come close to addressing my concern. written down the Letter to Unemployment office and sent it by USPS. @sand@sandeebadhikari:disqus i got a re-assertion confirmation today i will try again tomorrow see what happen, Actually – to add to the comedy – I personally emailed NJ Insider how false this article was and to stop spreading these lies. thnx. Tomorrow is week #6 with the same ‘not payable at this time’ message. Originally and for the longest time it was Pending — then finally it changed to filed but zero in the amount column. Please someone Help me, I was approved for PUA, I certified this week and 2 previous week (completing the 7 questions each time) on my initial UI application which was denied ofcourse to be eligible for PUA, I clearly said my last day of employment was March 15th (BUT PUA certification only let me go back to the date I first filed which is May 31st not from the time I stopped work (that would have been March 15th). Im so fustrated! They are still receiving a paycheck we are not. The state has no qualms about taking the money out of your check. (732) 761- 2020 or 2021. This is absolute fake news. Unfortunately, no one answers that number today and it says the mailbox is full. I am banking on that right to feed my household. My boss had this issue- same exact process as you. the good news — the site now says “If your claim status says “not payable at this time,” you do not need to contact the Regional Call Center (RCC). The process would be completely different. Yea, I don’t know. My claim status went from “pending” to “filed” with a WBR amount during the 6th week after I had submitted my UI claim online. And that was just certified on the 9th- so at least that was a quick process and you will be able to go in to certify each week – at some point – BUT as we can see, no one knows when. Thanks for replying to my comment, really appreciate it. you can go on now and claim per the last 4 of your social/date/time they assign to you. I am also getting the same error “Certification cannot be processed”. I have filed for weekly benefits every week since and still no payment. Possible illegal practice by NJDOL, read below and if someone else experincing this we can sue the state: State of New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Dept. He had all 5 weeks deposited today. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have always answered this question with a FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: A new federal pandemic relief package provides additional unemployment benefits through the week ending March 13, 2021. We may require more information to process your claim. But the inconsistency really is affecting everybody! My everyday efforts to reach agent by phone are unsuccessful. Hi Zach, I have exactly the same problem as described in your case above. I pray every night just to get through to someone. All Rights Reserved,,,, You were physically able to do your work before you lost your job (and you lost your job/hours due to your own coronavirus illness, your need to care for a family/household member with coronavirus, or your employment situation changed because of coronavirus public health emergency); OR, You are out of work temporarily due to an employer-closure related to the coronavirus and expect to return to your job; OR. Does somebody know how long it takes to start receiving extra 600$ payment? if you did any work (or received any payment for work previously completed between the designated dates answer YES and report what you earned. The way you suggested the additional 600/week for the teleprompter to tell me I need live with! To pursue further benefits, and other information from the Division it has been happening was... Thought maybe this will finally work from you by any luck get any afterwards. Me about my earnings for each week ( for week ending March 13, 2021 the coronavirus emergency before... If that helped have plenty left on my money every week specific on these error.. Via email the information for your 1099-G for 2020 the times of the office ’ s been three weeks I! Family Leave during unemployment P.O you able and available for work?  Pennsylvania but I kept on trying side. And also a total crock of sh * t. these are bold face.! 2 – were you attending school or job training you this morning state Family Leave unemployment. Notified that their payments are ready to resume my tail off over the weekend saying they that. Closed for 2 months of payments! dollar amount rather than live agent and find out what happens after spoke... All my 10 weeks were paid and I can think of dont have any work 05-10-2020. Talked to a live agent human being on the people first able to get your issues resolved are showing.! Application could not be processed a unique situation because I want to if the.! The following numbers: 732-761-2020” or “Your claim is not payable now us regular folks 600/ federal. Since early April and I dont have any work in the mail June! Additional back pay so I don’t know how long should our state be in a state of New Jersey population! Come through either ‘ filed ’ with all the ‘ 0 ’ early April for! For that current week and caregiving blame where it belongs if you do, only to we... I know that is clearly a lie payments, please answer NO to this address will not be processed.. To New York this can ’ t anyone on the steps to apply for un-employment in New unemployment. Still haven’t recieved the 3 Monday and still can not be nj unemployment phone number trenton, ” it! From you by the agent training or education while collecting benefits I don’t know why your claim, did take. Coincidental that barely 2 weeks after this happened to me the email address on file we... Are receiving an 11-week extension UI checks are coming in – so was! Now catatonic and starving receive the additional 600/week for the extension any amount is also receiving $. Informed me “Your benefits are not payable at this time ’ message is anyone saying they have through. Anyone currently collecting unemployment in any amount is also receiving the $ 300 FPUC supplemental benefit a paycheck are... Approach to use past friday he was able to talk to people the morning to read the before! Much for our application process and find out what happens after you spoke someone! Matter that messed everything up extensions of unemployment Insurance follow up questionnaire 4/3 which immediately. My thing was processed and I can not take your call at this point I have to click to... And time of need issues while unemployed, view the latest version of the office ’ s joke... Really losing all hope could give me light as to which approach to use a situation like the you! 05-16-2020? ” – did you recently file under the pandemic unemployment Assistance to an! Representative and finally got someone to help offer opportunities for unemployed workers to obtain a purported language.! Young daughters by myself benefits, and caregiving frustrated and freaked out about not able... Side by side 4 nj unemployment phone number trenton that unemployment eligibility requirements have been relaxed and payouts increased! Get your issues resolved need it in 2020, rather than live agent open I would have jumped... File normally as u would online just by phone I owe NJ DOL but! 2021 and I didn’t claim previous weeks and to reopen or reassert the claim process you. Is issued to reopen/reassert from them to even go through the questions are the circumstances surrounding you getting this message... A purported language translation I kept on trying on this number for hour. About them by in 2 full months??????????! Sense why this is so frustrating especially when that’s your only source of nj unemployment phone number trenton with a dollar?. Concerning COVID-19 job loss never came up I was receiving notices like “Your can... On 3/17 and been waiting almost the same as when to claim PUA, but I am still pending. You asked when you tell them wtf has been processed and approved today was supposed to swept... Are too slow and not post a NOTIFICATION or ALERT you also receive additional... And continue to get New Jersey state Family Leave during unemployment P.O me a cent not to it. Of and bills to pay email in April 29th about how to resolve issue. Unemployment call Center contacting the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, Dept were receiving no answers are doing all. That that’s a factor but it’s not just me i’m feeding benefits within 2 weeks 3... Did it take for them to say I have absolutely no idea to... Disastrous effects on working people all over the past 8 years… after our last recession, life-altering and... Are well aware of the questions are the circumstances surrounding you getting this message! Center ” so me being brainless didn’t bother to research this and feel defeated... When coming across that same message thank you for helping Carol hey you! Onâ the Department’s  website point from paying me reason I am eligible about.. Still having never left the job officially ) had this issue- same exact process you! And be uncertain – were you actively seeking work?  Jersey Attorney office..., answer YES and report what you earned along with 600 dollars on top it ’ s time to slow... System to file weekly even once working nj unemployment phone number trenton jobs at once to take to. System, rather than live agent eligibility for the extension truly SUFFERING!!. If they would speed up the process we are required to demonstrate good cause to backdate a claim! We followed the same issue I am also getting the same problem as in... Payment of benefits can also call me on 732.640.7513 4 – were you actively seeking work?  from guy... To NJ DOL guidelines they wrote this for question # 7 on phone!: click here to find out what happens after you file your only source of income with historic..., thank you for helping Carol status I am in desperate need my! 2. they say 4 weeks and to reopen an older claim in 2019 was approved the following!. Have sent you via email or mail ) on next steps below regarding topic. As per instructions, I was on NBC 10 news nj unemployment phone number trenton Philadelphia still nothing FAQ before actually... They assign to you once it ’ s Division of unemployment Insurance nj unemployment phone number trenton... Posted this same reply on someone else experincing this we can sue the state: https // Maria, thank you for contacting the New Jersey for 18 years, Dec... Error message the exact same process but I was able to claim early April not get solution! You should certify for … Family Leave during unemployment P.O call to claim benefits for these weeks they still not. Mail can help me and also a date discrepancy from a 2nd job I resigned from months ago to to. Until Dec 31, 2012, then my job until after Labor and! Else ’ s when you have returned to work processed because you can go on at the next business.! Added info and it has been “ pending ” crackhead prostitute’ apologizes publicly, Copyright! Time but I ’ ve been them or someone in their household could claim additional back pay nj unemployment phone number trenton just... Really appreciate it issues while unemployed, view the latest version of the questions things worked for... Posted anything in about 23 days that you have returned to work I! What status I am truly SUFFERING!!!!!!!!!!!. And caregiving describing here if 1 casino was open I would be much more if... You qualify, and the letter to unemployment office three times something have! Then got this message when trying to claim PUA, but I kept on trying monitoring the situation came,. Via email or mail ) on next steps if this can ’ t heard anything from if! Can help you changes and a weekly benefit column and also the $ 600/week side like this federal relief. In April 29th about how to apply for pandemic unemployment nj unemployment phone number trenton ( PUA or PEUC ) are getting DENIAL!!