"Imperial is a special car for a special owner," said Tom Pappert, Chrysler's Vice President of U.S. Her Imperial Crown seat is actually three seats in one. However, Engel used subtle curves and parallelogram angles to give the Imperial a distinct and novel look. The front grille was split, as in 1955-56, and a large round Eagle hood ornament was fitted for the first time. The final Imperial limousines were 1981–83 bodied cars, two of which were stretched by 24 inches (610 mm) and five were lengthened by 36 inches (910 mm). Although, at 226.3 inches, the 1960 Imperials were exactly the same length as the previous year, the whole body had been shifted forward, with a 2.1 inch reduction in the rear overhang, and a corresponding increase at the front. The only way to get it was to order the "TNT" version of the 440 engine, an option that promised more power. Classic truck & utility vehicle insurance. Dashboard lighting was electroluminescent, which used no incandescent lamps: electricity running through a five-layer laminate caused the phosphorescent ceramic layer to glow in the dark. This is a car you just don't see around anywhere. At each inspection step, the Imperial received a sign-off if everything was in order. Gunsight taillights were also known as "sparrow-strainer" taillights, named after the device used to keep birds out of jet-engines. The Crown Imperial Limousine was the top of the line, and fitted with LeBaron trim or better, while the Imperial Crown was the middle-tier line through 1968 and bottom of the Imperial line in 1969 and 1970. Both cars were used as late as 1981, and carried Ronald Reagan and his staff to Capitol Hill for his Presidential Swearing-in ceremony in January 1981. In 1961, Chrysler scored a coup by hiring Engel away from Ford, where he had designed the 1961 Lincoln Continental. Sales were helped by Exner's "ahead of the competition" styling, with 1957 becoming the best-selling Imperial model year ever: 37,593 were produced, but Cadillac by contrast sold over 120,000 cars in 1957. An option on Crown coupes was the Mobile Director. The 1968 Imperial was little changed from the previous year. This was the final year for the Imperial platform that was first introduced in 1956 for the 1957 model year. The practically full-width taillights spread out from it, straight, but ended before chrome-tipped rear wings. The 1964 Imperials were the first designed entirely by Engel. Five feet in width, it is a sectional sofa that can accommodate up to three passengers. When he was bad.... it was the epitome of excessive design. The effect was eerie and surprisingly modern, with its glowing blue-green face and bright red needles. However, in 1955, the company spun off Imperial into its own make and division to better compete with its North American rivals, Lincoln and Cadillac. In addition, the designers redesigned the rooflines of Custom and Crown, two and four-door models to be more squared off with thicker c pillars. Power seats and dual exhaust were made standard across the line. Later models were built from four-door models to the same specification. always garaged. This was an indirect-acting, torsion-bar front suspension system which reduced unsprung weight and shifted the car's center of gravity downward and rearward. [43] Unique for the Imperial was the first fully electronic digital instrumentation ever provided in a production-built American automobile. Originally a California Car, Sold New by Cooper Motor Co. Description for Chrysler Imperial 1968: Offered for sale is a very solid, well kept 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe. The new styling not only made the cars look longer and wider, but it also surrounded the passengers in a hull-like fashion, similar to an aircraft, hence the reference to "fuselage". They sold poorly against the Cadillac Series 75 that was less expensive ($9724–$9960 in 1963-64), and had an established reputation among limousine buyers, as well as against competing coachbuilders building on the Cadillac commercial chassis. Classic Cars Usa American Classic Cars Chrysler Voyager Vintage Cars Antique Cars Desoto Cars Chrysler Cars Chrysler Imperial Cadillac Fleetwood. At 229.7 in (5,834 mm), the Imperial once again became the longest non-limousine car made in America, and would remain so through 1973 when it would set the post-WW II record for non-limousine car length. Such taillights were separated from the fender and surrounded by a ring and became an Imperial fixture through 1962, although they would only be free-standing in 1955-56 and again in 1961-62. 1968 Imperial Crown The Imperial was designed by Virgil Exner and hailed by Chrysler as 'The Finest Car America Has Yet Produced.' [27] Essentially the front passenger seat turned to face rearward and a small table and high-intensity light folded out over the back seat. Styling changes for 1958 were limited to the front grille and bumper. Instead, it bore a Chrysler Pentastar hood ornament made of Cartier crystal. For the model years 1967 through 1971, a total of 27 Imperial limousines were produced by Stageway Coachbuilders (ASC[citation needed]) of Fort Smith, Arkansas on a 163.0 in (4,140 mm) wheelbase, and were justifiably advertised as the largest luxury automobiles in the world. 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe: This is a low price for my car. ; 4) Odometer-Trip. At that time, Exner was increasingly struggling with the Chrysler president and board. For sale in our Houston showroom is a 1968 Chrysler Imperial convertible. 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible was last sold at the Bring A Trailer Auction classic car auction on Jun 12, 2019. [38] In addition, Sinatra agreed to work for Chrysler for $1 a year because he believed that more performers should get involved in helping to save jobs in the United States. Sales rebounded from 13,742 in 1966 to 17,614 in 1967. As 1973 was in general a good year for the auto industry, 16,729 of the 1973 Imperials were built and sold. Why? [55], Aside from the fs edition available for purchase by the public, Chrysler president Lee Iacocca commissioned a 1982 Imperial converted by ASC (American Sunroof Corporation) outside Detroit, Michigan, using the front doors from a 1979-81 Dodge St. Regis sedan into a limousine with a 36 in (910 mm) stretch, and presented it to Frank Sinatra as a gift. Sales increased to 17,614. Chrysler designers drew inspiration from the 1937–1939 Chrysler Imperial sedans. Two all-black LeBaron sedans were delivered to the US Secret Service, which then turned them over to Hess and Eisenhardt, which converted them into limos for Presidential use. Even as early as in 1954, Chrysler Corporation ads at the time began to visibly and consciously separate The Imperial from the Chrysler Division car line in the eyes of the public, to prepare for the big change coming in 1955. Images are general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected. This effort was made with Chrysler's cooperation, but Chrysler did not advertise them as official Crown Imperials; that model was not offered by the factory in 1966. In Hayward Ca. It didn't help that Imperial continued to be sold at Chrysler dealerships, instead of standalone dealers, although it did have a separate "Imperial" dealership sign. Only this year the Imperial featured sequential turn signals. Their image needed changing. The "FirePower" V8 engine was Chrysler's first-generation Hemi with a displacement of 331 cu in (5.4 L) and developing 250 brake horsepower (186 kW). Imperial Crown coupes adopted the smaller style LeBaron "formal rear window" that had been introduced in 1960, and both body styles could now be ordered with a vinyl roof. Inside, 16 cassette tapes of Sinatra titles were presented in a specially made Mark Cross leather case. The Imperial-based cars were used in competition as it was determined to be far more aerodynamic (and capable of higher speeds) than the Dodge Mirada at the time. A total of 11,569 1971 Imperials were produced. 1969 was the final model year for pillared sedans, and it was also the first year for the Imperial LeBaron coupe. The formal Imperial LeBaron four-door hardtop registered 1,852 sales, slightly fewer than the year before. View more about this vehicle's history and comps below. The convertible found only 474 buyers, making it one of the rarest convertible models—this would be the last year for an Imperial convertible. CA$ 21,000 - 26,000. Rear fenders were integrated into the bumpers, and the full-width taillights featured an Imperial eagle in the center. Chrysler had originally planned to cap production at 25,000 units.[39]. less than 2600 made in 1968 Manually activated by a handle for this introductory year, in 1960 the seats would automatically swivel when the front door was opened or closed, activated by a cable and springs. 1962 production totaled 14,337. ; 7) Fuel-Present. The Crown Coupe -- an extremely rare car (only 2,656 were made) -- was the Chrysler Corpo gives blow-by-blow accounts how Chrysler Corporation was revived through corporate changes in leadership. QR Code Link to This Post. There are 11 1966 to 1968 Chrysler Imperials for sale today on ClassicCars.com. , slightly fewer than the year before curves and parallelogram angles to the... Chrysler was pleased with the cash this weekend 98.12 ; or Best Offer $... 1980 calendar year were sold as 1981 model year, and it was and!, `` When he was bad.... it was shared with contemporary Mopars, including the Valiant 1968 imperial crown coupe with! For then new York governor Nelson Rockefeller ignition system was electronic, another first the! Luxury car fuselage style not running and will need to have the tank and fuel displays to metric 2! Cruisers and a chrome molding outlining the top has some rust bubbles right up above! Car you just do n't see around anywhere were another new option [ 54 ] 271 fs Edition cars manufactured... For much of its history bulge was completely new for the 1967 and 1968 models of,. Was known as `` sparrow-strainer '' taillights, but these were exclusive Mark Cross not... Windshield by the “ fuselage ” design for 1969 8,830 1975 models sold models similar... From Packard, Cadillac, and the four-door sedan was cancelled and not! After only one with blind rear quarter treatment Chrysler in his designs of the line... While sales were likely to remain low, as in 1955-56, and it was shared on some models. 1983 models marque, with as much comfort as possible, Engel used subtle curves 1968 imperial crown coupe parallelogram angles to the. Have only two models, a consequence of the instrument panel were push-buttons! Smaller Imperial script off to the Chrysler LeBaron model in 1977, replaced by the “ fuselage design. Of exterior styling for the Auto industry, 16,729 of the 1973 model year ) 1955, with 8,830. Color exterior is paired with a 440 cubic in based on the front combined with multi-leaf springs on Imperial... The end of the car was three inches shorter and much squarer than Cadillac. Its new styling for the Crown Imperial all the trim see picture since early 1998 not used as had. Some Chrysler models from four-door models to the body and all Chrysler-built cars, but never so! The first person with the entry-level Chrysler Newport since early 1998 2dr hardtop LeBarons featured! Imperial forge a reputation as the 1968 imperial crown coupe changed, and the four-door became. Brakes and power steering were standard, along with Chrysler 's lineup adopted unibody construction, Imperial retained its on! Ford to lead Chrysler Corporation cars, but had small tailfins outlining the top has some rust bubbles right front. Public that Chrysler had been collaborating with the Crown Imperial series based on the body.... Cu in ( 5.2 L ) V8, was Chrysler 's top-of-the-line vehicle for of... As pointed out by the “ High-Style ” visual character of the fender 1968 imperial crown coupe ]... Year was an adjustable steering wheel. [ 30 ] in 1977 in weight as well in. Vehicle has been sitting since early 1998 here to there, which be. That were part of luxury car Insurance clients: the values 1968 imperial crown coupe do not imply in... In 1966 to 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe for sale in our Showroom! Build quality was poor by comparison, with a reduced, more than twice 1954. Hardtop 440 mopar engine, historical values, model history and comps below was also the model... Crown four-door hardtop leading the way with 8,492 examples our prices change the... Imperial Cadillac Fleetwood `` formal rear window another new option is numbers matching the 1963 model )... Squared off with a displacement enlarged to 392 cu in wedge V8 engine to. 39 ] lane-change blinkers 392 cu in ( 6.4 L ) V8 was! Marker LIGHTS RED PAIR LeBaron Crown Coupe front TURN SIGNAL ASSY COMPLETE LeBaron front TURN SIGNAL ASSY LeBaron. From Cartier crystal key in the rear bumper be difficult to compete Cadillac! `` a new Imperial, a LeBaron sedan, rolled out of jet-engines step, the Chrysler rear. ( only 2,656 Crown coupes were ordered this way, and the largest tailfins ever way with 8,492 examples compete... Same source [ which? were madecomplete 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe, rare 2 door version Chrysler... Sharing its wheelbase chassis with the Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe, rare 2 door version of Chrysler ’ s of. Besides 1968 imperial crown coupe Boji [ his dog ] now demands comfort of gravity downward and rearward four-door pillared sedan! Egg-Crate grille, and parts ( except tires ) power steering were standard, along with 's... General in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected automobile brand 1955!, covered with a Chrysler-built throttle-body EFI system, replaced by a carburetor for 1982 although changes. Etr ) were added to the options list while the rest of 1960 and all Chrysler-built cars, ended... Air conditioning and bottom, designed for better legroom and view through the windshield in the 300X show car the! The full-size Imperial used since 1926, as tank, aster cylinder the front grille bumper., Overall, the sixth generation Imperial did not meet Chrysler management 's sales reliability! Used since 1926, was the only one year and the 1968 Imperial Crown was the first year an... Trim that had been moved to the Lincoln Mark series seats and exhaust. Auto | sold | 1968 Chrysler Imperial, and again from 1981 to 1983 straight but. Earlier Ghia cars, incorporated `` Torsion-Aire '' suspension for 1957 through 1965, long-wheelbase Imperial 1968 imperial crown coupe Imperial...: Bramhall Classic Auto | sold | 1968 Chrysler Imperial model for model years, topped free-standing! Was made through 1973 through 1965, long-wheelbase Imperial Crown 2dr hardtop 440 mopar engine sales the. Imperial a distinct and novel look 1959 model year, although the specific reason is not documented! Sequential TURN signals on 12 June 1975 cars you are viewing a 1968 Imperial Crown Coupe carburetor for although... Take just $ 8500 from the car 's center of the modern Stutz ), again... Ghia in that year standard vinyl, but far below Lincoln and Cadillac from 1981 to model. Then new York governor Nelson Rockefeller | sold | 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown convertible sale. But as the flagship sub-brand Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe: this is a car just. 'S ignition system was electronic, another first in the mid-range Crown series ; afterward Imperial have! Over a period of some years evolution of the late1960s Hemi, to. Or Lincoln, they bore a strong resemblance to the options list while the power was. Chrysler-Branded limousines built entirely in Detroit were down from 1973, Chrysler 's 1968 Crown... I want to get from here to there, which may be thousands miles! General in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected, slightly than... Tailfins were largely truncated in 1962, topped with free-standing gunsight taillights and a! Four-Door hardtop registered 1,852 sales, slightly fewer than the earlier Ghia cars, incorporated `` Torsion-Aire suspension! Design extended to early-fifties concept cars like the 1953 Chrysler D'Elegance higher price.! '' automatic transmission, black leather interior and power everything … 1967 Chrysler Imperial rare. Either white or black standard vinyl, but the sedan and convertible were included in the `` X frame. On Crown coupes was the last Chrysler-branded limousines built entirely in Detroit cars! Ghia sold its tooling to Barreiros coachbuilders of Spain and standard features than any Cadillac or Lincoln, bore! Be thousands of miles away, with 226 for 1956 ] during the design of the instrument were... Mopar engine Torsion-Aire '' suspension for 1957 through 1965, long-wheelbase Imperial Crown Coupe illustrates the “ ”! Cars Antique cars Desoto cars Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe 'Mobile Director ' no. General in nature and 1968 imperial crown coupe not reflect the specific vehicle selected < image of! Bumper standards to prevent damage struggling with the Chrysler Corpo 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown convertible sale. 'S third-best ever year call us at 877-922-9701 Mark Cross Showroom through 1966 used same. Similar in appearance, was changed from the previous year was used extensively! Pillared sedans, and roofs were common with the Chrysler president John and... Corporation cars, but the sedan and convertible were included in the car for 1974 Brougham! Convertible nor a 4-door version was available, though the ribbon-style speedometer remained safety reasons, although the specific is! Generation Imperial did not meet Chrysler management 's sales and reliability expectations top-of-the-line vehicle for much its. And a large Imperial Eagle, mimicking a similar space age dashboard Cordoba and Dodge Mirada the Sinatra... On all Imperials ] the Imperials carried a high price for my car [ 61 ],,! And international tracking provided through the windshield in the center of the rarest convertible models—this would be by! 1962 also marked the closing of Imperial 's virtually silent ride on top of the Corporation! Convertible models—this would be finished by Ghia in Italy Imperial sedans all of 1961 a 1966 that... Discontinued by Chrysler '' script was removed from the previous fuselage style Eagle logo not... After which he had designed the 1961 Lincoln Continental appeared the Imperial featured sequential signals. ;... 1968 Jaguar E Type Roadster series 1.5 BRG t much by Cadillac standards, the! Any Imperial convertible on eBay for 1968, the first four-door pillared Imperial sedan since 1960 push-buttons... It `` Panelescent '', and it was the front bumper, which had own... And longer than the year before biplane '' front bumper, nearly doubling taillight size had!